Where to surf in Lima: the best beaches for every level

By Serena Pedrioli
Bajada balta – Quartiere di Miraflores (Lima, Perù)

Lima, the vibrant capital of Peru, is not only famous for its rich history and delicious cuisine, but also for the incredible beaches along the Pacific Ocean coastline; perfect for those who wish to surf. Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced surfer looking for a new challenge, Lima offers a variety of beaches to suit every skill level. Here is a guide to the best beaches to surf in Lima, broken down by experience level:

Bajada balta – Miraflores District (Lima, Peru)

Table of Contents

For Beginners


Barranquito is one of the most fashionable beaches in Lima and is suitable for both beginner and intermediate surfers. The waves are consistent enough to provide a good challenge, but not so challenging as to discourage beginners.

Playa Makaha

Located in the Miraflores neighborhood, Makaha is another great option for beginners. Its waves are ideal for mastering the basics of surfing in a safe and controlled environment. Qualified instructors are available to guide you through your first steps into the world of surfing.


Located south of Lima, Yuyos is a less crowded beach, perfect for beginners who want to learn in a quiet, relaxing environment. The waves are calmer, offering an excellent opportunity to improve your skills without the crowding of the more popular beaches.

For intermediates

La Pampilla

Also in the Miraflores neighborhood, La Pampilla offers gentle, consistent waves perfect for novice surfers. Local surf schools offer beginner lessons and equipment rentals, making this beach a great starting point for those who want to learn to ride the waves.


This beach is located in the Barranco neighborhood and is known for its consistent and consistent waves, making it an ideal spot for intermediate surfers. The sandy bottom and controlled conditions provide a safe environment to practice and perfect your skills.

For Experts

Punta Hermosa

This resort, located south of Lima, is a renowned destination for experienced surfers. With powerful, tubular waves, Punta Hermosa is a true paradise that attracts professional surfers from all over the world.

Pico Alto

South of Lima, Pico Alto is famous for hosting some of the highest waves in Peru. This beach is suitable for the bravest surfers, eager to take on giant waves and exciting challenges.

Punta Roquitas

This small bay in Miraflores is known for its fast and powerful waves, creating a perfect environment for experienced surfers seeking an intense surfing experience.

La Herradura

Located north of Lima, La Herradura offers medium-sized waves and a long sandy beach, making it ideal for experienced surfers who want a break from the more challenging waves but still want a good challenge.

El Paso

This beach south of Lima is mainly frequented by experienced local surfers. The powerful wavesand challenging conditions make it suitable only for the most skilled and adventurous surfers.

Lima is an exceptional surfing destination that offers experiences for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking for fun lessons or an experienced surfer looking for challenging waves, Lima’s beaches are sure to have something to offer for all surfing enthusiasts. Have a great time surfing!

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