A Cultural Travel


A Cultural Travel is a travel blog created in September 2023.

In this space you will not only find practical information on how to organize your next trip and interesting itineraries to follow, but also real guides to discover cities, historic sites, museums and natural wonders.

A Cultural Travel is an international blog: in addition to being written in Italian (my mother tongue), I personally translate it into French, English and Spanish.

Get inspired for your next trip, take note of the information and go with A Cultural Travel!

About me

My name is Serena Pedrioli, I am 23 years old and I am of Swiss nationality.

The call of travel has always been a fundamental part of my life. Growing up surrounded by stories and photos of my parents’ travels in South America and Asia, I learned that traveling is much more than a vacation: it is an opportunity to discover the world and, at the same time, to discover oneself.

Now, as I am about to finish my studies in literature with an address in Italian history and literature at the University of Lausanne, I decided to combine my passions in one place: this travel blog. Here, I combine my passion for writing and journalism with my curiosity for history, culture and the environment.

I write about my travels in Europe and South America, almost always low cost since I am a student, and about the places in Switzerland where I grew up. My dream is to travel the world! 

The particularity of my blog is to give you a 360º overview of the destinations I visit, by combining my knowledge in the historical and environmental fields. Do not miss the deepening of cultural guides, free and very useful when you do not want to spend for a guide during your visits.

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